Endorsement from Jim Thompson

I have known Joe for over five years. His commitment to improving the lives of citizens in Winnebago County is unwavering, as he has shown in his steadfast determination to serve the public in various roles. He has also, during this time, taken various leadership roles in our party organization, and we are the better for that involvement. His education and experience in the field of technology, coupled with his fiscal conservative foundation, provide the right mix for his role as county clerk.

Election Day Woes - It's Time for a New County Clerk

Today, March 18, 2014, was the primary election. As usual, there were problems stemming from Margie Mullins administration of Winnebago County elections. Normally, I'd be surprised to learn about election day issues; but, sadly, I've come to expect them with Margie Mullins at the helm.

The first election issue of the day came when a friend called me around 8am to tell me that he had just voted and that he didn't understand why the Loves Park sales tax referendum was on his ballot considering the fact that he lives in Machesney Park.

We Need To Raise $2000 by March 31.

Friends and Supporters:

I have been watching politics, campaigning, and helping with campaigns for quite some time. I can tell you I have seen what happens when a campaign has the funding it needs to mount a comptetive race. Sadly, I can also tell you I have seen what happens when a campaign doesn't raise enough money.

It is unfortunate that choosing a candidate, in many ways, comes down to which candidate is better funded. However, that is a political reality in today's world.

Primary Results

Both I and the democrat had uncontested primaries.

However, in the county I had 10022 votes and my democrat opponent had 3736.

In the city of Rockford, I had 5942 and my democrat opponent had 3247.

Total, I had 15964 and my democrat opponent had 6983.

So I had 8981 more primary votes than my democrat opponent.


Tonight, I'm honored that Winnebago County Republicans nominated me to be our party's candidate for Winnebago County Clerk.

Thank you for everything you've done, and continue to do, to help power our campaign forward.

Now that the incummbent, progressive, Democrat Margie Mullins has been nominated, I'm going to need you even more -- over the next few days leading up to our March 31 fundraising deadline and to victory in November.

I am grateful to have you standing with me.

Joe Terrell
Republican Nominee for
Winnebago County Clerk

My Response to the State of the Union

I found it interesting in the State of the Union the President said he wants to create "government job centers" where "people who want jobs can be matched up with people who want to hire workers." I think someone needs to explain to Mr. Obama that those "job centers" are called "employment agencies" and the FREE MARKET has been doing that for many decades. Last thing we need is more big government bureaucracy.

Seats Still Available for Lincoln Day

I would like to say thank-you to those to contacted me about being a part of a campaign table at the Winnebago County GOP's Lincoln Day Dinner coming up on February 15, 2014 (5:30pm - 9:30pm) at Giovanni's Restaraunt in Rockford. Joining my table helps both my campaign and the Winnebago County Republican Party.

There are still four seats available for $100 each. If there is enough interest, we can order two (or more) tables.

Endorsement from Larry Bauer

In the discussions I have had with Joe Terrell, I have found him to be a man of vision and integrity with a high level of energy and a commitment to hard work. I am certain Winnebago County will be well served by having Joe as its next County Clerk.

Larry Bauer
Republican Precinct Committeeman
Roscoe Township 12

Winnebago County Republican Party

Winnebago County GOP's Lincoln Day Celebration

It's time for the Winnebago County Lincoln Day dinner again. My campaign is working on getting a table at the event and I'd like to have you at my table.

A $100 donation to my campaign (per seat) can make that happen.

This will benefit the campaign by allowing me to have advertising in the program and at the event. Anything raised over the cost of the table will go into the war chest for campaigning purposes.

So I'm asking for your help.

Michael Kleen Joins Campaign as Events Coordinator

Picture of Michael Kleen
I am happy to announce that my friend, Michael Kleen, has joined the campaign as Events Coordinator. I am looking forward to working with Michael as he helps to move this campaign to success in November.


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