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Still Amazed by Obama’s Level of Disrespect

Barack Obama
Barack Obama

A White House official confirmed this afternoon that President Barack Obama will not attend former First Lady Nancy Reagan’s funeral on Friday, instead opting to speak at a hipster film and music festival in Texas.

I didn’t think it possible to be more disappointed with President Obama, but today I am more disappointed!

This action comes only weeks after President Obama skipped the funeral of Justice Scalia.

I understand that Obama’s political wold view does not align with either the Regans or Justice Scalia.  However, that is a poor excuse.

President Obama is, for better or worse, the Head of State of the United States.  He has a responsibility to attend the funeral of a former First Lady of the United States.  It is a matter of respect.



Obama’s Legacy

Every president wants to leave a permanent and lasting impression.  Something that will be remembered for generations and be taught in history class.

Most presidents have succeeded in creating a positive legacy.  Reagan will be remembered for ending the Cold War.  Kennedy for space exploration.  Lincoln for keeping a nation united through great trial.

Others have a somewhat less than positive legacy.  Carter will be remembered for the hostage crisis. Nixon will forever be the “crook.” Clinton will always be the guy that lied to Congress and got articles of impeachment brought against him.

But what will Obama’s legacy be?

I came cross this image that sums up, in a nut shell, the Obama Legacy.


The phrase, “I brought a once great nation to its knees,” when used to describe what this President has done to America is genuinely sad.

American voters need to wake up!  Stop taking life in the United States for grated.  Pay attention to what you representatives are doing and don’t just accept their lies as “business as usual.”

It’s time to put an end to “business as usual” and get back to the business of making this once great nation great once again.