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I Have Some Concerns About Trump As A Candidate for President

trump1I have not yet decided for whom I will vote in the upcoming Republican presidential primary.  But I am conducting my research and trying to get a handle on what each of the candidates have to say on the various issues that compose my core values.

So, I went to Donald Trump’s website to find out where he stands on various issues.  I am dismayed to see that he has only ONE issue on his website – immigration.

America is NOT a single issue country!  There are many, many issues on which any serious candidate MUST have strong positions.  I am positive Mr. Trump has positions on other issues, but voters need to know about those positions.

Until Donald Trump updates his official campaign website with a comprehensive list of key issues along with his positions on those issues, I can not support him.  I think it would be irresponsible to support any candidate without adequate information on where the candidate stands on key issues.


Victory for Religious Liberty – Davis Ordered Released from Jail

Kim Davis, Kentucky clerk jailed after defying Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling, ordered released from jail.

It appears the court has decided that people without religious objection are able to validate homosexual marriage certificates.

This is a victory for religious liberty.

I’m Back!

Ok.  I wasn’t really gone, however, I have been silent for quite some time when it comes to politics and issues of governance.  Well, I’m back!

Some of you may have wondered to where I disappeared.  Well, I took a job working for a defense contractor supporting our nation’s troops.  As a result I moved to Lansing, MI.

Additionally, one year ago, I married my fantastic and wonderful wife, Julie!  We are happy together and are really enjoying building our life together.

On the political front, I have started this blog page because I want, once again, to start expressing my views and opinions on the topics of the day.  As a federal contractor I have certain party limitations, so I will be writing as a conservative independent.

More to come soon…