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I Have Some Concerns About Trump As A Candidate for President

trump1I have not yet decided for whom I will vote in the upcoming Republican presidential primary.  But I am conducting my research and trying to get a handle on what each of the candidates have to say on the various issues that compose my core values.

So, I went to Donald Trump’s website to find out where he stands on various issues.  I am dismayed to see that he has only ONE issue on his website – immigration.

America is NOT a single issue country!  There are many, many issues on which any serious candidate MUST have strong positions.  I am positive Mr. Trump has positions on other issues, but voters need to know about those positions.

Until Donald Trump updates his official campaign website with a comprehensive list of key issues along with his positions on those issues, I can not support him.  I think it would be irresponsible to support any candidate without adequate information on where the candidate stands on key issues.


Fair Ballot Access?

Let’s talk about a topic that really cooks my noodle.  I hear people clamoring about changing the way candidates can get onto the ballot.  These people claim that it is “unfair” for Democrats and Republicans to need, for example, 5,000 signatures to get on the primary ballot, but an unestablished party or an independent may need 25,000 signatures to get on the general ballot.

Let me make it very simple… Democrats, Republicans, and established parties are required to hold primaries.  In the primary a candidate must face-off against members of his (or her) same party to get the nomination to be on the ballot for the general election.  This is a hard-fought and expensive process that ends up with one name from each established party for the general election.  Participation in a partisan primary in no way whatsoever guarantees a candidate a spot on the general election ballot.

Unestablished parties and independents have NO requirement to primary.  They by-pass all the primary campaigning and are guaranteed a slot on the general election ballot.

So when you hear someone ranting about how unfair it is for independents and third-parties to be required so many more signatures, just point out to them that the requirement for additional signatures is exactly what makes the whole process fair.