De-Extinction of Ice Age Cave Lion? Is it a good idea?

I can’t say i am a fan of the idea of de-extinction objectives.   On the surface it reminds me of the crazy things that “could” happen like in the fictional movie “Jurassic Park.”  More than that, however, it just seems to be a bad idea for both the creatures involved and humanity as a whole.

Let’s just assume for a moment that de-extincting ice age cave lions as is proposed by the scientists in this article is actually possible.  What happens to that creature when it is exposed to the modern world of viruses, bacteria, and fungus.  This is an alien world to that creature.  It his absolutely no natural immunity for biological defense.

Also, what impact will the introduction of this creature be on our modern environment and food chain.  Will this creature be a natural predator?  Will there be other animals to keep this creature’s population under control?

There are a lot of thing to consider when playing such a dangerous game.  I just, really, do not believe the reason “because we can” is a good enough reason.

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